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Content Writing Checklist

Nov 13, 2019

I’ve worked with a lot of writers while running my article writing service, and I’ve spent the past year perfecting a content writing checklist that works for our team. This is the exact checklist our writers use to make sure every article is well-written and SEO optimized.

You can view the checklist below and save a copy for yourself from this Google Doc.

Writing Checklist

  • Conversational tone – Keep it simple
  • Use strong verbs and adjectives 
  • Use trigger words to evoke emotion and grab attention
  • Use second person voice to make it personal – you, your, yours

SEO Checklist

  • Used a compelling title and one of the keywords at the start of the title – “Best Headphones: The Ultimate Guide” is better than “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Headphones”
  • Used keywords in headings when possible
  • 0.5% keyword density (5 times per 1,000 words)
  • Used keyword at least once within the first 200 words of the article
  • Used keyword in the last paragraph of the article
  • Linked to valuable external content (3 – 4 external links) 
  • Linked to internal content 3-4 (if provided)

Editing Checklist

  • Read the post out loud to make sure it flows and is free of errors. 
  • Ensured titles are attention-grabbing?
  • Ensured the opening line grabs the reader’s attention?
  • Does the opening paragraph keep the reader’s attention?
  • Is the post interesting and unique?
  • Is the scannable with clearly defined sections and headers?
  • Are complicated terms defined?
  • Is the post actionable? 
  • Do the images fit the post?
  • Do the images add value? 
  • Have you double-checked the spelling and grammar?
  • Did you verify active voice is used whenever possible?
  • Have any unnecessary words been removed? 
  • Verified the tense is consistent throughout the post?
  • Verified all factual information sourced and cited correctly?

Put this checklist to the test on your next piece of content. I guarantee it will come in handy.