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Marketing Coaching Services

1:1 marketing coaching for growing businesses

Personalized marketing coaching for owners/CEOs of growing businesses

Who is it for?

Do you fit into either of these categories?

  • Business owners or CEOs who are playing CMO on the side
  • Marketing leaders who are new to the job and want to accelerate their success

Do you have an online B2C business (e-commerce, digital products & courses, SaaS, etc.) doing less than $1 million in annual revenue? If you’re doing over $1 million in revenue, check out our Fractional CMO services.

Do your current marketing efforts lack purpose and a proper strategy? If so, you’re probably a good fit.

How does it work?

This is not a canned program or online course. Every company and person is different.

I work with you one-on-one to provide personalized coaching based on your current marketing challenges and opportunities. I provide actionable advice and strategies to accelerate your growth while keeping you challenged and accountable. 

What you get


Frequent meetings to discuss strategy, issues, and opportunities


Email support to answer your marketing questions


Practical advice and actionable strategies to level up your marketing


Ongoing challenges and accountability checks to drive growth

About Me

I exited the corporate marketing world in 2017 to start Sparklite, a digital marketing agency. I’ve worked with countless businesses, agencies, and freelancers to build winning marketing teams and strategies. 

With over 10 years of marketing experience growing B2C businesses, I will leverage my industry knowledge and experience to help fast-track your marketing efforts. 

Let’s talk

Book a free 30-minute consultation today to see how I can help you overcome your marketing challenges and accelerate your growth.